Dimitri Arnauts (°1973) is a Belgium-based composer who has dedicated himself to uplift and delight hearts, souls, and minds through the reaffirmed beauty of melody, harmony, polyphony, and counterpoint, and through the innumerable colors of instruments and human voices. He has written numerous works of various sizes and settings, being mainly cantatas, psalms, oratorios, concertos, symphonies, and symphonic poems, and other vocal or orchestral works.


As an autodidact, Dimitri feels free to follow the paths of his heart, both in the aesthetics of his music as in the emotion and message it aims to convey. He established from the very beginning the foundations of his musical art on the proven strength and poetic power of tonal harmony, euphony, complex polyphony, fugue, and counterpoint.


This science of the art of music writing, he wanted to rediscover it for himself and learn it in an autonomous manner: without theoretical study or academic recipe-books that would have him ending up fixed, dried out and losing his path to peer pressure... instead, by following only the voice of his heart, the means and visions of intuition, the desire of his soul and the capabilities of his spirit.


Musically, Dimitri Arnauts admits humbly and gladly to be a modest and indebted disciple of the great Johann Sebastian Bach, at whose service he had the privilege to be moved, formed and inspired - through a year-long vocal practice of his Cantatas, Passions, Oratorios as a chorister.


His first concert contribution as a composer occurred in June 2012, when an excerpt of his tone setting of Psalm 100 (11') was performed by the Choir and Orchestra of the Chapelle des Minimes in Brussels, under the direction of Julius Stenzel.


In 2018 he conducted the premiere of his 'Requiem Sancti Michaelis' (50') at St.-Catherine Church, in Duisburg, Belgium. In May of the same year, his four-hands piano suite 'Humble Memories' (90’) was premiered at BOZAR, Brussels, on the new Maene-Barenboim straight-strung piano.


​He completed that year choral and orchestral conducting courses, in Oxford, UK (James Jordan and Steve Pilkington, USA) and in Sherborne, UK (with Maestro Rodolfo Saglimbeni, Venezuela and Amy Bebbington, UK), and film music composition courses at the HKU Utrecht, The Netherlands (with Pr. Rens Machielse).


He has also been selected to participate in the first edition of the International Masterclass ‘Sacred Music Today’ in Stockholm, Sweden, under the high patronage of the Lutheran Church of Sweden and the Pontifical Council for Culture of the Catholic Church.


The same year, his chamber music contribution to the international Flute Infinity project was premiered at the Slovacki Theatre in Krakow, Poland. This project resulted in a collective CD, issued by the DUX label, and proposed for nomination at the Polish Classical Music Awards by the label.


Dimitri started a position as Artistic and Choir Director of St-Cecilia's Choir at Saint-John-the-Evangelist Church in Tervuren, Belgium, as of December 2019.


He has published four albums of original music online, comprising organ solo works, choral works, vocal improvisations, electronic six-part fantasies, piano and synthesizer musings and two full-length concert movies, totaling about 9 hours of new music, as well as numerous creative art videos and music clips.


His music has been premiered, performed or recorded internationally in various places: Belgium (BOZAR Brussels, Duisburg), Poland (Slovacki Theater Krakow, Tokarnia), United Kingdom (Chester, London), Germany (Hamburg), Lebanon (Beirut), Austria (Vienna), USA (New York, Princeton, etc...)


In early 2020, four of his planned symphonic premieres were cancelled due to the COVID-2019 Crisis and ensuing international restrictions.


During this COVID-19 Confinement period, he composed and produced a set of music videos with new original soundtracks, in collaboration with several established or upcoming artists from the USA, Lebanon, Austria, Belgium, Japan and Hungary.


In Autumn 2021, Dimitri's first full-size chamber opera will be created at the old Laeiszhalle-Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.


Dimitri is also founding member of the new international composer collective Muse11, and an active member of the Flemish Composers' Archipelago COMAV...