Kamuli Community Brass Band is a charity organization, found in Uganda-East Africa and  in Kamuli district.

It was started in 2016 by TIBAGALIKA GEOFREY with a goal of creating an indigenous community brass band.

This program is music for opportunities for social, economic change and empowerment, to improve the status of disadvantaged children/ youth in Kamuli district and surrounding areas through developing their music talents through Brass /jazz Band Music both theory and practical in Kamuli district.

Kamuli Community brass band music project is very interesting socially and economically very ambitious.


The project so far has (140) One hundred forty children and Some of these were refugees and those from the very poor families in the community. They train starting from 5 years of age to 22 years.


They assume that by the age of 22years someone is ready to start his or her own life with the education and the music talent he or she can be able to sustain him or herself.