Mosaiko | Institute for Citizenship is an Angolan non-profit institution contributing to a culture of human rights.


Founded by Dominican missionaries (Order of Preachers – Catholic Church) in 1997, it was the first institution in the country to explicitly undertake the mission of promoting human rights in Angola.


Guided by a strong social commitment, Mosaiko’s goals are respect for human dignity and the development of Angolan society through contributions by one and all.


The promotion of human dignity relies greatly on the eradication of ignorance through critical thinking and the encouragement of an attitude of active citizenship. Therefore, Mosaiko seeks to disseminate, as widely as possible, such research studies and findings, so that they might become accessible to different audiences, contributing to the formation of a strong public opinion and a civil society with a spirit of initiative.


Therefore, because people are always the greatest wealth of a country, there is an overwhelming need for citizenship and human rights to become fundamental values ​​for the sustainable development of Angola!


To this end, Mosaiko does not limit itself to “the management of everyday life,” nor does it intend to “work for” but “work with” the different participants in Angolan society, adopting a working strategy that encompasses constructive dialogue and the positive transformation of precarious situations involving various social actors.


Based on the outskirts of Luanda, but working in collaboration with various local groups, Mosaiko develops its operations in most provinces of Angola.